It has been a while… i think.

September 24, 2019

Last few blogs have been pretty organized. I mean I have planned them and then gone through the outlines as I made sure all the images were in the same size and captioned right. Honestly speaking, it is an ongoing learning process. There are no images in this post because I personally feel like it would defeat the realness in the words below.

As I sit here today I have been planning my blogpost on planners and bullet journals, but recently things have been very hectic. It’s exciting but all the prep that goes into creating campaigns for social media and aiming for the viral moment is life in fashion.

But as I approach 24, I felt like it’s time I make smarter decisions.

And by smarter decisions, it’s time I’m more conscious about what I purchase, the skincare I use, and just being mindful about what kind of headspace I am in.

If I have dreams, big dreams I have to speak them into existence while I work on them.

I don’t have much to say but I have realized that it’s time I start making things happen. So here’s to making it happen.

The first step to all this, after a discussion with the desi parents, is to work on my spending. In the last two years I have been more careful about how much I spend especially on fast fashion. I have started to create more outfits with the current closet collection. It’s not like I am going for a capsule closet. But I feel like I am going to be able to be more creative within what is already there. Same goes for skincare and beauty. It’s high time I actually finish each product that I love and like. And as for products that don’t work well with my skin tone and texture, hello to the fam in India. There are so many people in the entire family that it is bound to look a hundred times better on them.

The second step is to keep myself in a better headspace. I have talked about this here, but going through depression and anxiety has been a rollercoaster, and through the middle of this year, I started taking anxiety medication, and that has calmed down the storm inside my head that I dealt with on a daily basis. I am not saying that this is the cure for it, but it is a start for me. Being in an Indian family, talking about mental health is not a usual thing, so when I began to discuss my mental health it was uncharted territory for both of us.

So better headspace, I still need to figure that out.

But I believe in baby steps (in some situations), so I want to get back into reading more, taking at least an hour to myself on a daily basis.

And most importantly sleep. I keep getting told that I look tired, there is only so much so that skincare products and makeup can do to make me look alive. On my phone I do have a bedtime alarm for midnight, but it is as rare as unicorns that I actually fall asleep that early. I mean let’s be real it’s 3 am right now and I am writing this as I watch Deepica Mutyala‘s channel. (She is all my life goals combined and in all seriousness, I am saying this, next year I want to work with the brand for a project that they have. She is also one of the many brown girls I fall on Instagram, to feel like I fit into this world perfectly with my brown skin. Being able to accept this has been a process for me and people like Deepica M. are my role models.) So yes, I don’t sleep properly and end up sleeping in late and it is a whole cycle.

But yes it is time to make smarter, creative, bolder decisions, and why don’t you come along, too?


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